This season, I am producing one minute features about the Tigers that will air on more than 30 radio stations around the state of Michigan.  The feature is called Mario's Minute and can also be found here.

                                                               New Age Defense
In the good old days, playing a hitter to pull meant sliding over a step or two to the pull field.  

These days, video and statistical analysis has thoroughly changed the way some big league teams align their defense.  This season, you can include the Tigers into that group.

When the Tigers hired Matt Martin as defensive coordinator, It signaled a change in philosophy for the Tigers defensively.  

These days you’ll see everything from three defenders to one side of the bag, to the third baseman running across the diamond to play in short right field.

Martin admits that you may get burned in the short term every now and then, but long term, the numbers indicate that you steal some outs but by being creative with positioning.

So, don’t be surprised if the Tigers employ some no so conventional alignments this season.



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Tom Neely
05/13/2014 16:52

Hey, Mario! So... You are concerned with pronouncing the Dutch guy's name correctly? Schooba = Skoba, or some such... But you do not give a rip about pronouncing the the Latin-American names?!!!

Even though you claim to have studied Spanish in college??!!! Did you study Dutch in college?


07/14/2014 15:38

Mario---Do you(and Rod) think that Eugenio Suarez has stolen the SS job from Jose Iglesias? I keep waiting for Suarez to fail, but instead he keeps getting better, especially defensively.

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