Victor Martinez
All of 2012, Tigers fans wondered what Detroit's lineup would look like when Victor Martinez returned from his knee injury.

The early returns were not very encouraging.  Martinez expanded the strike zone too often the first two months of the season, mainly because he was overanxious.

Martinez hit .221 in April and just slightly better in May at .235.  Yet, as June rolled around, Martinez got back to being his old self.  He walked 13 times in June and showed more plate discipline and patience.  By the time July arrived, Victor was back to being the upper echelon, middle of the order talent the Tigers saw in 2011.

Martinez put together a strong July, hitting .390 for the month, driving in 20 runs and posting an on base percentage of .429. His numbers may earn him Player of the Month in the American League, but he will have some competition.  Here are some other strong July numbers:


                                        AVG   HR    RBI    OBP    SLG

Kyle Seager                      .396    6      14      .464    .635
Mike Trout                       .379     4      14      .476    .623
Torii Hunter                     .374     7      22      .377    .697

If Martinez is able to turn in a strong final two months of the season, the Tigers offense will reach its potential and a lengthy post season run is in the cards.



Rafael Gomes
08/04/2013 15:11

Hello Mario,

I am from Brasil, a HUGE Tiger´s fan. I watch an average of 120 games/year on mlb.tv and love your and Rod´s work. I looked for other ways to send you an email, but could find none.
Baseball is indeed growing here, at a faster pace than ever. But for a soccer (futebol) and volleyball country, baseball is still a long ways from being popular. But this is an athletic country and it surprises me nothing that Yan and André are making a good impression,

As a matter of comparison, having a baseball player in MLB for Brasil is like having the best SUMO wrestler in world being american, white and skinny :)

BUT. Please know that you have fans here (me and my wife love your broadcasts) and that this nice country is starting to like baseball more and more.

I live in Porto Alegre, down in the south. If you ever come to this area, please send me an email. You will be more than welcome here.

Keep up the great work and go Tigers!



Thanks for writing about Martinez. He is great in his techniques and can play better than many others. Whenever some players come from the injury they need to work hard because in their absence a lot of things may change that they do not know about. They also feel difficulties in their initial matches ad by the time they start showing their performance

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