Back in March, I spoke with Tigers hitting Coach Lloyd McClendon about Miguel Cabrera's Triple Crown exploits from 2012.  McClendon thought that while Miggy won the award last season, his numbers were not that different than those from previous seasons.  In other words, the Triple Crown often happens because of circumstance.

This season may be a prime example of that.  While Cabrera's numbers are better than last year at this point, Chris Davis may prevent him from winning the title in back to back seasons.  Does that diminish the historic pace that Cabrera has established this year?  Not in the least.

Through 116 games in 2012, Cabrera was hitting .323-29-99, with an on base percentage of .386 and a slugging percentage of .579.

This season, his numbers are .360-40-120.  His on base percentage is a lofty .452 and his slugging percentage is .689.

Yet, if Chris Davis doesn't slow down (he leads Cabrera by five home runs), and indications are that he might not, Cabrera would have to settle for his third consecutive batting title, while leading the league in RBI's in three of the last four years.

What separates Cabrera from Davis, and many other hitters for that fact, is consistency.  Cabrera has put up similar numbers for a decade now.  His statistics compare favorably to those of Albert Pujols through his first 10 seasons.

Does the triple Crown define Cabrera's remarkable season?  No.  

It would however place him in rare air if he were to accomplish something that has never been done before in the deep history of the game.  Ted Williams never did it.  Nor did Mickey Mantle, Frank Robinson or Rogers Hornsby.

That in itself is worth Cabrera's weight in gold.


Tom Neely
08/21/2013 20:12

Great posts here, Mario, since late last month. Indeed, Miguel Cabrera is a champ. Now, my favorite topic: Nineteen MLB teams broadcast in Spanish. So, you must encounter those Spanish broadcasters. Please ask those guys how to pronounce Spanish names, especially Sanchez and Perez. Please work on this.

Tom Neely
08/26/2013 21:25

Nobody else comments here. So... My suggestion: Make a Fox Sports Detroit TV segment on pronouncing Hispanic names! Maybe, get Sr. Sanchez on camera, saying his own name... Talk about how you guys pick up pronunciations that are not really correct, just because that's how the Gringo bosses always have said them... Maybe talk about how hard it is to say, "Avisail." And so on. You could have fun with this.

Tom Neely
08/26/2013 23:10

Mario, your colleague Rod has temporary promotions up to the super-time; he works on FOX sometimes, whereas you stay at FSD, even though Rod has no clue about Spanish pronunciation.

Here is one way you can distinguish yourself: Learn to pronounce Hispanic ballplayers' names! I will leave you alone on this topic for a week, due to my Labor Day holiday. But, please give it some thought. We love you. You already talk great, but you can learn to talk better.

Mario Impemba
09/01/2013 19:17


Thanks for visiting the site.

I am aware of how all Hispanic players pronounce their names. I studied Spanish in College. What you must understand is that on an English broadcast, for me to pronounce all Hispanic names correctly would be jarring to listeners. Therefore, most broadcasters, myself included, "Americanize" the names.

Trilling "r's" and pronouncing every vowel correctly would not sound natural to the listener.

Tom Neely
09/05/2013 22:49

Thanks for answering, finally. I will quit bugging you. But, you need not trill Rs. Maybe just pronounce Spanish As? Anyway, thanks. I listen to you and Rod. Buenas noches.

09/26/2013 01:02

Hi Mario- i wanted you to know that you pronounce Hispanic names better than anyone else I hear in broadcasting, and I appreciate it! You don't overdo it and make it sound ridiculous, you just get it right. Thanks!

Tom Neely
09/10/2013 21:54

Do you notice how Jose Iglesias squints when he comes to bat? How he pops his eyes and squeezes them? He puts me in mind of Dorothy Hammel. (Is that a too-old reference?)

Should the Tigers make sure he has good eye checks and great optometry? Inquiring noses want to know.

09/18/2013 17:11

I dont have Twitter and wanted to ask a question. Is it correct to describe a run batted in as RBI or RBIs? I have heard it both ways and wondered if there were some sort of broadcaster code.

09/20/2013 22:59

Mario, concerning tonights trivia question on active players with 400+ HR's and Doubles. Isn't Alfonzo Soriano on that list to make it 6 total players?

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