Interviewing Miguel Cabrera at TigerFest
The first signs of a new baseball season in Detroit begin to surface with the club's annual Caravan and TigerFest.  The Caravan took place Thursday and Friday and included stops in the Metro Detroit area as well as Mid-Michigan and the West side of the state.  Most stops usually produce a lot of laughs and some good insight as well from players, coaches and managers.

The funniest moments usually come during the fan question and answer portion of the programs.  Here are my top moments from this year's Caravan.

Question for Manager Jim Leyland:  "Skip would you consider coming over sometime for a beer?"
Leyland:  "If we don't win, I'll come over for a lot of them."

Question for Max Scherzer:  "Do you have any superstitions?"
Scherzer:  I do, but I don't like talking about them.  I'm superstitious about my superstitions.  I can tell you that if I have a winning streak, I wear my shorts on backwards until I lose."

A little too much info there, Max.

Question for Torii Hunter "Do you like to golf?"
Hunter:  "I'm not that good.  I'm more like Tiger Hood."

Phil Coke telling the story of when he struck out Miguel Cabrera.
Coke:  "We were talking about hitting in the clubhouse one day and Miggy asked me if I ever faced him.  I said that I did as a rookie. 

"What I do, hit home run?"
"No Miggy, no home run."

"Double for sure."
"No Papi, no double either."

"You walk me like a sissy?"
"No, I didn't walk you."

"What I do then?"
"I struck you out on a back-foot slider."

"Ahhh, no wonder, I no remember my at bats against horse(bleep) pitchers."

Cabrera wondered why Alex Avila didn't work out with him this off-season in Miami like years past.
Avila:  He won the MVP and Triple Crown last year, there's not a whole lot more I can teach him."

And finally,

A little girl on her family meeting Phil Coke in spring training last March:
"We kind of had a weird experience with him."

Welcome to our world young lady!



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