Each year blogs and newspapers are full of predictions and wishes for the new year.  I think it's a dopey idea.  I'm all about dopey, therefore here is my A to Z for 2013.

A is for Anibal.  His contract is sizable and perhaps the Tigers overpaid, but by keeping him in the Old English D, it gives the Tigers perhaps the best rotation in the league.

B is for Big Badd Brennan Boesch.  Here's hoping for his return to the Big-ness and Badd-ness he exhibited as a rookie.  He's a good guy with loads of huge potential.

C is for Coke.  Phil Coke.  His glove slam after closing out the Yankees in the post season was one of the lasting impressions of the Tigers roller coaster season.  A visual "Booyah" to the doubters.  The hope is 2013 will feature a lot of what we saw from Coke in the post season.

D is for Dave Dombrowski.  The Tigers General Manager who once again executed a trade at the deadline in 2012 that lead to a post season run.  Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante addressed a couple of critical needs.  Here's hoping for more of the same in 2013.

E is for Ernie.  Mr. Harwell passed away in 2010, but I'll always be grateful for the opportunity to work with the man who was a large influence on my professional career.

F is for Four more wins.  That's all Tigers fans are hoping for in 2013.

G is for Avisail Garcia.  Minny Miggy showed some impressive skills after his late season call-up.  He also gave announcers fits as they tried with much futility to correctly pronounce his first name.  Maybe in 2013, they will get plenty of practice.

H is for Hunter.  The addition of class act Torii Hunter to the Tigers clubhouse adds skill and character to the mix.  He'll also give reporters a "go to guy" when the quotes begin to dry up.

I is for Infante.  His skill as a baseball player fills the hole the Tigers have had at second base since Placido Polanco left.  More importantly though, anyone whose last name starts with "I" is good by me.

J is for Justin Verlander.  Will 2013 be the year he throws his third no-hitter?  He nearly had it last year against the Pirates until Josh Harrison broke it up in the ninth.  Don't worry, it's coming.

K is for, well, K.  As in all of the strikeouts the Tigers staff will rack up in 2013.  Only Tampa's staff recorded more strikeouts in 2012 than Detroit.

L is for Lakeland.  I can't wait to get down to Tiger Town to start my 12th season in the booth.

M is for Marlboro.  Here is hoping that the skipper will have fewer stressful situations in 2013, thereby cutting down the consumption of his favorite smokes.

N is for Nick Castellanos.  Will 2013 be the year the Tigers top prospect makes his big league debut?  My guess is yes.  The Tigers lineup is loaded, but sooner or later, whether because of injury or production, his bat will get an opportunity.

O is for Opening Day.  The biggest celebration for the return of baseball happens in Detroit.  I can't wait to see a packed house at Comerica Park on April 5th.

P is for Prince.  Having watched Fielder play for a full season, I have come to appreciate his approach to the game.  Whether it's a routine ground ball in April or October, the first inning or the ninth, Prince will always run it out.

Q is for Quintin Berry.  Q's production declined as the season progressed, but his enthusiasm for the game and energy often gave the Tigers some life in 2012.  Is there a spot for him in 2013?  His pure speed makes him a valuable bench player.

R is for Rondon.  Right now, it appears the Tigers are comfortable with giving the rookie a shot at getting the final three outs.  His arsenal is impressive but he will have to pitch beyond his 22 years to keep the job.

S is for Sneaky.  The Tigers super sub Ramon "sneaky" Santiago had a tough 2012 season.  He played winter ball this off season again and that will hopefully help to get him back to being the quality bench player the club has had in the past.

T is for Triple Crown.  See Miguel Cabrera's stats last year.  Can he provide an encore in 2013?

U is for Unbelievable.  Here's hoping we will use that word a lot to describe many Austin Jackson catches and walk-off wins in 2013.

V is for Victor.  If Martinez returns from a knee injury to his previous form, the Tigers will have one fearsome 3-4-5.

W is for Wire to wire.  Hoping the Tigers will spend every day in first place next year.

X is for Extra innings.  I hope we don't play many extra inning games this year because they make me tired.

Y is for Yankees.  The Bronx Bombers are always a big draw, but this year the Tigers home opener is against New York.  Beating the Yanks will make Opening Day 2013 that much sweeter.

Z is for Zero.  Exactly the number of bad days you have when your job is announcing Tigers baseball.

Happy 2013!



John Kaperowski
12/30/2012 20:12

Good job Mario! A lot of good points you made. I'm looking forward to another fun basebal season in the D. GO TIGERS!!!

Julie Stacks
12/30/2012 20:17

Apparently you are an amazing announcer and creative writer.

Shari Pohl
12/30/2012 20:20

Great job, Mario......but "W" is for "WIN!" ;)

12/30/2012 20:22

it sure is boring here in ky with no tiger baseball to listen to . mario you are part of my family the same way ernie was back in the 70's .

Sarah Wiley
12/31/2012 08:53

Thank you for a great read Mario! Cheers to Tigers and Mario and Rod and Jim and Dan 2013!

Kelly Moses
12/31/2012 12:57

love this!
91 days.

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