ALCS MVP Delmon Young.
With Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday in either St. Louis or San Francisco,  Jim Leyland had a tough choice to make.  Without the DH in National League parks, the Tigers had to decide whether Delmon Young's offense is worth the risk his lack of defensive ability carries.

Apparently the Tigers have decided to keep Young in the lineup.

While the Tigers admittedly are not a gold glove calibre defense as a whole, they have no choice but to keep Young in the lineup and roll the dice in the field.

It wouldn't make much sense for the Tigers to take the ALCS MVP out of the lineup with the ultimate prize up for grabs.  There are two main reasons Young needs to play. 

First, the Tigers reached the World Series largely because of a dominant pitching staff.  The Tigers have been limited to three runs or less in five post season games.  Offensively, the club needs Young's bat to continue to provide the spark it has.   Young has hit two home runs and has knocked in eight runs in nine post season games.

Secondly, someone has to protect Prince Fielder.  Fielder will get less pitches to hit if there is no threat behind him.  The production Young has provided, and Jhonny Peralta for that matter, is critical.  Without any depth to the bottom of the Tigers lineup, pitching around Cabrera and Fielder becomes increasingly easier.

The chance of Young botching a play in left is worth the potential thump he provides the offense



Mike Hanna
10/22/2012 20:57

Imagine if Leyland could pencil in 'Martinez' after Fielder...I think they will get it done, though. I have tickets to game 4 and can't wait! Love the blog, Mario!


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