With two games in the books, the 2012 World Series has not gone remotely as planned for the Tigers. 

The Giants scratched and clawed their way into the series in a grueling seven game set with the Cardinals.  The Tigers swept the Yankees in four games, allowing them to set their pitching rotation.

Yet, it is the Giants that have won the first two games based largely on the back end of their rotation out-pitching the Tigers top two guns.  Doug Fister's effort in Game 2 was certainly worthy of a victory, but the Tigers offense has hit the skids at the most inopportune time.

If the Giants had one advantage over the Tigers heading into the series, it may have been in the bullpen.  The Jose Valverde "situation" has left the Tigers pen unsettled.  The Giants bullpen meanwhile backed Madison Bumgarner to seal Game 2.

Had Phil Coke been available to pitch in the seventh inning instead of rookie Drew Smyly, it may have been a different result.  Jim Leyland possibly elected to hold Coke for later in the game for a closing opportunity.   Regardless, the Tigers need to jump start the bats if they want to get back into the series.

Perhaps the momentum of Game 2 was shifted when Fielder was thrown out at the plate in the second inning.  However, just as the missed call on Omar Infante at second base in the Yankees series didn't define that outcome, neither should the Fielder play define this series.

Miguel Cabrera is hitting .268 in the post season and Fielder, just .205.  The Tigers offense starts in the middle.  Cabrera and Fielder must get it going as the series shifts to Detroit.

The Giants feel good about their chances considering they will throw Ryan Vogelsong and Matt Cain in Games 3 & 4.  Winning the first two games has put the Giants rotation back in order, but if Justin Verlander can be beaten, so can Cain and Vogelsong.

With temps expected to hover around the mid 40's, it will be chilly at Comerica Park the next three days.  Not exactly conducive to heating up stagnant bats, but the Tigers will need to find a way.

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