Detroit, MI- It hasn’t been done by a Detroit Tiger since 1909.  In fact, it’s the only time a Tiger has accomplished the feat.   Ty Cobb won the Triple Crown in the American League that year, and now 103 years later, Miguel Cabrera has a legitimate shot to become the second Tiger to win the elusive award. 

Not since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967 has any player led the league in home runs, RBI’s and batting average.

Back to Cobb.  His .377 average and 107 RBI in 1909 were impressive numbers, but that season Cobb led the league with only 9 home runs.  Cabrera hit his ninth homer this season on May 27th.   The game has certainly changed. 

As September kicks into high gear and the pennant races heat up, Cabrera is quietly positioning himself in the top three in the Triple Crown categories.

Cabrera would never talk about his chances of accomplishing the feat because he is much too concerned with team goals.  The fact remains though, that his shot is becoming more and more legitimate.

What was once a seemingly insurmountable lead for Mike Trout in the average category has disappeared.  Cabrera has caught Trout, each batting .330 as of Thursday.  Cabrera’s 116 RBI’s are tops in the league and two more than Josh Hamilton. 

The Home Run category will be the challenge.   Adam Dunn and Hamilton have each hit 38 homers, but a surging Miggy is now just three shy of the pace.

You can make an argument for the Triple Crown being the most difficult accomplishment in baseball.  Anything that has not been achieved since 1967 qualifies as quite an exploit.  Ask any big league hitter and they may say hitting .400 is more difficult.  Ted Williams is the last to do it back in 1941.  Either way, leading your league in the three major offensive categories takes a special talent.

Cabrera is as special as they come.  His ability and willingness to hit the ball up the middle and the other way makes him a threat to win a batting title, as he did last season.  A late season power surge seems to be in the making as well, with Cabrera hitting three home runs in his last six games.

September has a way of separating the boys from the men and Cabrera is a good bet to outdistance the rookie Trout for the batting title.  Can he hold of Hamilton and Dunn in the power categories?  I would not bet against him.



09/19/2012 08:24

Wow Mario, Your blog story is from 2 weeks ago, and no comments. Watching Miguel game after game, is pure joy watching a truly once in a generation type hitter. The media people and fans who want trout are going to talk about his WAR and stolen bases, Baseball fans who know Cabrera's yearly greatness also know he is leading in BA, RBI, very close in HR's, leads in SLG, OPS, Total Bases, Runs Created, Adjusted Batting Runs and Adjusted Batting Wins, Extra Base Hits, top 3 in Runs, Hits, Times on Base. Al Kaline has already gone on record in an interview saying Miguel is the very best Tigers hitter he has seen since being with the Tigers 60 years ago, including himself. Current layers like Miggy, along with JV make me proud to be a Tigers fan all these years.

09/26/2012 15:43

'Abrazos' Mario ! (hugs from hawaii). I am a birmingham, mi native residing in New Zealand on a business trip to Kona, Hawaii preparing our clients for the upcoming IRONMAN on Oct 13th. I was very pleased to successfully gather a group of diehard Tiger fans to switch the live coverage at Lu Lu's to FSN Detroit and we were able to watch the Tigers beat the Royals. Think of us today in our board shorts at 1pm local Hawaii time !
aloha ! from Kona, Hawaii


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