Two months into the 2012 season, the Tigers sit six games back in the standings behind the surprising Chicago White Sox.  The Tigers offense has fallen short of its prolific expectations. 

Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder have anchored the lineup, and aside from some early season struggles, the dynamic duo has performed as expected.  Yet, on many occasions this year, Jim Leyland has reminded all that will listen that his team is not scoring enough runs.  The lineup simply has not had enough depth.

The Tigers are 8th in the American League in runs scored and homers and 10th in walks.  On too many occasions, the pitching staff has operated will minimal support.

While the main guns in the middle have carried much of the load, it is clear that the extra pieces that made the Tigers a dangerous offense in the second half last year have not supported Cabrera and Fielder nearly enough in 2012.

Alex Avila, Brennan Boesch and Jhonny Peralta have struggled to match last season’s numbers.  Below is a comparison of their numbers through June 4, 2011 and 2012.

                         2012                                                            2011

Avila                .254-5-20                                                    .275-8-31

Boesch            .229-5-19                                                    .259-5-27

Peralta            .247-4-16                                                     .320-8-31

Leyland is also fond of citing track records and the hope is that the rest of the offense can match its pace of last season.  Injuries to Austin Jackson and Andy Dirks in recent weeks have not helped the cause, especially since Jackson was off to a torrid start and Dirks settled into the two hole nicely.

A return to form for Avila, Boesch and Peralta would lend a spark a disappointing start.



06/04/2012 22:25

Perhaps I am wrong, sure you don't have those numbers under the wrong corresponding year?

Mario Impemba
06/04/2012 22:31

Thanks. Fixed.

06/04/2012 22:27

Avila's 2011 BABIP was high, expected some regression,
More concerned with his knee(s) and is it affecting his swing, sure looks it when he runs.
Peralta is unlucky this year, low BABIP, when looking at xBABIP should be around .360,
Boesch is the problem, offensive and defensive. No plate discipline, does he have rocks in his head?? one of the worst RF's in baseball.
Young is the right handed version, both need to be moved.
Don't even get us started on the overall defense of this team. If there is a stat for 4 and 5 out innings, Tigers are at the top.


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