The Tigers dropped two of three to Seattle at Safeco Field.
Even though coffee shops dot every corner of downtown Seattle, Jim Leyland didn't require any caffeine to keep him up the last three nights.  The Tigers dropped two of three to the Mariners and lost the season series 5-1 in the process.

We are 30 games into the 2012 season, and the offense remains a mystery.  When the Tigers broke camp this spring, the offense figured to be the least of their worries.  Yet, as we approach mid-May, the Tigers have too many hitters sitting around .200 or below.  Collectively as a group, the lineup has not nearly hit its stride.

"We're swinging at too many balls," Leyland said during the series.  "If you expand the strike zone, the pitcher is not going to throw too many over the plate.  Why would they?"

The numbers seem to back Leyland's claim.  Through May 9th last season, the Tigers walked 121 times as a club.  Through May 9th this season, that number is down to 81.  Moreover, the club scored 162 runs at this point in 2011, compared to 124 this year.

So with a four game series in Oakland starting on Thursday night, perhaps there is some relief in sight.  Bartolo Colon will start the first game for the A's and the Tigers have historically knocked him all over the lot.  Colon gave up seven runs in 11 innings over two appearances against the Tigers last season.  His lifetime ERA vs. Detroit is 5.25.

Sooner or later the Tigers offense has to get it going.  Might as well be now.


05/10/2012 06:48

many times you comment The tigers have 7 hits allready, How about runs they have 7 hits but only 1 run. How did you 2 announcers get your job?

ugh bartolo
05/10/2012 07:50

Bartolo is a strike thrower, so the Tigers won't have to chase as much. But if they're not being patient it'll be a problem no matter what. Hey Mario, what's your thinking on why they haven't been walking? Has there been a noticeable shift in pitches per plate appearance? Who's the worst offender? It seemed like Jackson was improving. Has Fielder or Miggy changed their approach dramatically?

05/11/2012 00:34

Hey just wondering why we never hear of your early days with Tut Tawwater at KVOP in Plainview, TX. Still trying to find a copy of your hit single "Rappin' Tut". Enjoyed working with you back then and anytime I get to hear you today.


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